Reclaimed Hand Painted Signs

A favorite project of mine for a rainy Pacific Northwest day is pulling a table up to the fireplace and painting a few of these rustic signs. ย I find most of these planks on Oregon beaches, or through other sources for reclaimed wood. ย Many of the planks have uneven texture, discoloration, chipped paint, and rusty nails, giving each piece a unique character.


I give each plank a light sanding to remove the most egregious rough spots or splinters, but too much sanding removes the patina the wood has acquired.

Each sign is sealed with a water-based finish and any nails that protrude on the back are covered with felt to diminish damage to walls.

I feel like I should hum “My Favorite Things” when I work on these pieces! ย They really are an expression of my favorite things #simplejoys.

I also put a design together for holiday decor. #itsnotevenHalloween!


These signs are available for sale at my Etsy shop.

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