Brightening Up a Drab Bench

This was one of those projects that I doubted until its completion.  I could envision the final product but at every stage along the way, I just though “I don’t know about this.”  But, I’m glad I kept going because I LOVE it now!

This bench is really well made, using dowel joinery instead of nails or screws.  It also weighs a ton.  But, the wood types and grains were mismatched in a rather unpleasant way and it had a high gloss finish.  It was the perfect candidate for paint.

After a good sanding and cleaning, the bench got a quick coat of a custom Behr color, a slate-y blue with gray undertones.  Then, two coats of Behr’s Smokey Cream.  This is one of my favorite neutrals and is currently the color of my dining room.  On the bench, with the blue peeking through, it reads bright white, but in my dining room has a pinkish gray hue during parts of the day.

A light distressing lets the blue and wood tones pop through.

The box cushion in cotton ticking makes this a comfy place to rest.  I picture it in a hallway or entry as a perfect spot to take off your shoes after a long day.



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